What if you could make a difference in someones life by choosing what you wore?

L.A.H. Sourcing is a grass roots sourcing and manufacturing company who strives to give back and make a difference in the impoverished country of Bangladesh.  We have struggled on the debate for quite sometime.  Keep the jobs in our own backyard and rebuild our own economy? We found that there isn't only one right answer but we don’t believe that taking all work away from countries like Bangladesh is the solution.  

Dhaka, in the early morning you would see them as they head together to their workplaces. They are the women workers of the ready-made garments industry in Bangladesh. While they walk, they hold their lunch boxes firmly and keep their eyes on the street. They are determined to change their fate.   The statistics is staggering. Around 1.5 million women work in the export oriented garments industries of Bangladesh, which is 80 percent of the total workforce.  In a society, where the only vent to freedom is education, these women usually cannot even finish their fifth grade before they have to leave schools.

We choose to support responsible, safe factories that treat their employees with respect - and giving back by providing women with an education.   We have found that by educating women we give them the chance to pull themselves, their children, and their families out of poverty. 

The children of today are the future generations for tomorrow.  A girl in the developing world who receives and education is 6x less likely to be married as a child.  That same girl will also have 2.2 fewer but healthier children.   

For the past few years we have decided to take matters into our own hands by supporting a non-profit organization called Al Ihasan a womens vocational center whom supports orphan, needy children and underprivileged Women in the village of Hashara, the district of Munshigonj of Bangladesh.  Like many other villages in Bangladesh, the Hashara is a densely populated area that suffers from natural disasters, inflations and many other problems.

We need help more than ever to keep Al Ihasan growing please reach out to us to get more information.