manufacturing title-02When it comes to manufacturing we feel that merchandising operations are a key to ensure timely execution of product development and merchandise delivery.
Daily monitoring is essential at the manufacturing points for outflow of samples and technical back-up is always
required to help factories understand intricate details of the product.

Our merchandising operations are run by an experienced team comprised of people with manufacturing and buying backgrounds. Our merchandising teams work on new fabrications and technologies to provide fresh perspectives and as soon as a product package is received we develop price charts and samples for buyers.
Our merchandising teams will provide shorter lead times both in development and production. As part of industry information strategy we will update buyers on Competitor Information Sheets (CIS) for market directions and ideas. Production Status Reports (PSR) are yet another responsibility which we will take care of on a routine basis while analyzing on-ground data.

To shorten lead-times and provide optimal support we will start development procedures by checking lab-dips and counter samples ourselves before sending them out. This will save valuable time and improve our Approval Success Rate (ASR) which will be another documented procedure at LAH Sourcing Ltd. Following the counter samples our team will send out a Pre-Production Set in actual fabrication, accessories, color and styling to ensure complete understanding of the product. With comments on Pre-Pro on hand, our merchandising team will be ready to proceed with a production trial run at the factory which will be overlooked by our Technical and Quality Assurance teams.

Quality assurance is a department consisting of Technical and Inspection teams. Technical teams are individuals who have vast manufacturing knowledge. At the time of production trial runs, they handle time and motion studies to ensure timely execution of production in a scenario where the product is not subject to rush processing time. Our tech. team will follow production processing at fabrication and cutting stages to ensure conformity to required standards of fabric performance and spec behaviour.

The quality assurance team is delegated the responsibility of conducting operational and finishing In-lines and also performs final quality inspections based on pre-defined AQL levels.

Right from the first item out, complete data collection is ensured on product performance which is collected in the shape of reports to help provide actual on-ground statistical data to buyers. Our systems ensure a NO SURPRISE situation and our Weekly Production Meetings with factory management help us in continuous improvement in product quality.